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Chester Arthur

On November 18, 1886, former President Chester Alan Arthur died of complications from a debilitating kidney ailment.  A moment of silence please.

Andrew Friedman

Not the Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Tampa Bay Rays

An actor who looks an awful lot like Will Shortz. He’s been in a lot of things I’ve never heard of, but is fantastic as Uncle Jack on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Uncle Jack : It’ll be fun, you know, you and me…..pallin’ around…gettin nuts! Goin’ crazy….
Charlie : I’m not doin’ any kinda…crazy things you want me to do with you uncle jack…

Uncle Jack : It’s stuff that relatives do, we’ll share the room charlie…
Charlie : I don’t wanna share the room with you dude, cause I will spend the whole night wide awake just like when I was a kid and you tried to share my room
Uncle Jack : You ever seen wrestlin’ on television?
Charlie : I am well aware of what wrestling is, it’s just not what uncles do to their nephews! I’m outta here!
Uncle Jack : Hey I’ll call you later
Charlie : I know you will!