Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

Steve Buscemi as Coach Bert

Steve Buscemi hosted SNL last weekend and he stretched his acting chops a few times by playing “the creepy guy.” One of the characters was “Coach Bert” who was accused of molesting children just because he had a steesh. Low blow, SNL.

The sketch didn’t go over well with SNL alum Colin Quinn who thought it was too soon to make fun of Jerry Sandusky (which SNL already did anyway a week before). Quinn most recently has been doing his edgy Broadway show “Colin Quinn: Long Story Short” where he makes jokes related to the history of the world(!!!!). It wasn’t short enough as I turned it off after 7 minutes.

Read the story and see the sketch here. 

Dabney Coleman

Dabney plays Commodore Louis Kaestner on Boardwalk Empire. He is Nucky Thompson’s mentor and predecessor in Atlantic City. He is revealed to be Jimmy’s biological father. He was killed by Jimmy while he was high on heroin. Or you might know him as the voice of Principal Peter Prickly on the Recess. That’s how I knew him.