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What If They Grew A Steesh: Kendrick Perkins

If you are looking for Kendrick Perkins today, you might want to look for a guy with one of those hokey glasses/mustache disguises. He’s going to be in hiding after the dunk Blake Griffin threw down on him last night.

Harve Presnell

Harve Presnell is the Golden Globe-winning actor best known for his role as William H. Macy’s father-in-law in Fargo, or if you’ve only seen Fargo once like me, you might remember him as Preston Blake in Mr. Deeds.

Harve was also on Andy Barker, P.I. which you can inexplicably watch online through Xfinity.

Conrad Waldorf

Conrad Waldorf shares the stage left balcony box with Statler in the Muppet Theater. The two delight in heckling every aspect of  The Muppet Show.

Here’s what the two had to say after reading this website:

Waldorf: That was wonderful!
Statler: Bravo!
Waldorf: I loved it!
Statler: That was great!
Waldorf: Well, it was pretty good.
Statler: Well, It wasn’t bad.
Waldorf: There were parts that weren’t pretty good, though.
Statler: It could’ve been a lot better.
Waldorf: I didn’t really like it.
Statler: It was pretty terrible.
Waldorf: It was bad.
Statler: It was awful!
Statler & Waldorf: Terrible! Eh, boo!