Daily Archives: January 23, 2012

Ted Turner

For the man who can afford anything – a mustache! A brief check of wikipedia tells me that his nickname is “The Mouth (Awning) of the South.” I can’t confirm or deny that, but when has wikipedia ever been wrong in the past?

As an added bonus, here is a picture of Will Forte as Ted Turner making almost the same exact face:

Bill Murray

I’ve been slacking on getting some new steeshes up on the site lately. Now that Joe Flacco is out of the playoffs and people aren’t going to be googling his mustache anymore, I’ll need to actually try to get some site visitors.

Add to this, my coworker just read me the complete small print of a Panda Express coupon, and you can see why I might want to burn a little clock early in the work week.

So… Bill Murray. I’m a little embarrassed it’s taken this long to get such a glorious picture of a great actor up on the page. Enjoy.