Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

John Banner

John Banner played Oberfeldwebel (Master Sergeant) Hans Georg Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes.  His character was described as a good hearted man even though he was a Nazi The only reason he was kind-hearted was his steesh.  Whenever he would catch Hogan and his men planning their escape his first instinct was to report them to Klink, but his steesh would whisper in his ear to let them go.  This resulted in what was the shows most famous catch-phrase “I know nothing!” (variations include “I hear nothing”, “I see nothing”, and “I steesh everything.”).

Jebedia Springfield

Jebedia Springfield is the founder of Springfield on the Simpsons. His original name is Hans Sprungfeld.  Hans was a horrible blood thirsty pirate that tried to kill George Washington.  He needed to hide out, so he did what any man would do and hid his upper lip with some hair and then no one figured out who he really was until an 8 year old did some research hundreds of years later.  By that time the steesh drug had set in and no one really cared because he looked so good.