Daily Archives: March 14, 2012

Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick is growing a mustache for an upcoming play. If you want to know what his family thinks about it, check out this fascinating article. If you want to know what the FBI thinks about it, check the file they have started on him since he started growing it, I assume.

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall was traded to the Bears yesterday. As a Bears fan that makes me happy. As a fan of people who are completely out of their mind, that makes me very happy.

Today it was reported that Brandon Marshall may have hit a woman in the face this weekend, causing a black eye (I like crazy, but this is not cool). Welcome to the team, Brandon!

Man wearing fake mustache, partner charged with credit card fraud

Two men, on who was shamelessly wearing a fake mustache to try to hide his identity, were arrested and charged on crimes related to using fake credit cards to buy and then sell power tools. The man using the fake steesh should be punished with life in prison.