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Ron Swanson Never Stops Dancing

Ron Swanson decided to celebrate the 25,000 people that checked out Steeshes the last few days by dancing. He also wants you to keep coming back. I suggest you do what Ron Swanson says.

Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody joined Andre 3000 in the aforementioned Gillette commercial. It’s starting to seem like the casting director just got a list of celebrities, alphabetized by first name and knocked out the casting in 5 minutes.


Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders is of course very well known because he had successful careers in both the NFL and MLB. By successful I mean he played in both, but there’s no way I’m going back to look at his numbers.

Deion is probably thankful for his years of practice multitasking. He’s better able to do his job as a commentator for the NFL during the draft this weekend, while going through a messy divorce.


M.C. Gainey

M.C. Gainey has been in an average of 5 shows/movies a year since 1981. With these numbers he is giving Anthony Anderson a run for his money.  Let me list some of the highlights:

Designing Women
The Commish
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The Mighty Ducks
Con Air
Nash Bridges
Walker, Texas Ranger
Are We There Yet?
Wild Hogs!!!!!!!

I didn’t say any of the things he was in were great, but a number of them are watchable and I do enjoy his work/steesh.


Will Arnett

Well, it appears one of our posts (Look-a-Like: Ned Flanders & Bryan Cranston) is on the front page of wordpress today. I woke up with a bunch of likes and comment emails, which was nice to see. I also saw one comment from a friendly guy with the username Fuckyermomma that said, “look nothing alike you blind bitch.” Thanks, Fuckyermomma! Yer momma must be so proud of you.

But who really cares about all that, since we’ll be back to our regular 100 views a day by this weekend. Here is a picture of Will Arnett with a mustache. If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen this before, it’s because it’s from the almost certainly terrible movie Jonah Hex. Keep your head up, Hollywood. You’ll get ’em next decade.


Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman played Vincent the Vegetable Vampire on the PBS show “The Electric Company.” He has been in a few other things since then, but this is probably his most successful attempt at acting.


Tom Conti

Dark Knight Rises

Tom Conti has been in 90 TV shows or movies since 1959. I don’t know if I’ve seen him, but I came across his picture the other day while obsessively combing through the cast list for The Dark Knight Rises. Some trivia for Tom: His mustache can take the place of a piece of velcro.


What If They Grew A Steesh: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan ELizabeth Taylor

As anyone with a television or internet access knows, Lindsay Lohan finds herself in trouble more than she doesn’t, but today she gets a bit of good news. She will play the role of Liz Taylor in a new Lifetime movie based on Taylor’s life.

Perhaps most once-successful actresses would feel like working on a Lifetime movie is a prison sentence. Lindsay will probably just be happy to be able to wear shoes with laces in them.

Metta World Peace (Ron Artest)

Ron Artest Brawl

Ron Artest, who is unstable enough to legally change his name to Metta World Peace, was back at it again yesterday. He supplied an unwarranted, knock-out elbow to the OKC Thunder’s James Harden. This is coming from a man who once started a brawl with fans in Detroit, so it’s not much of a surprise.

This is the elbow if you haven’t seen it yet:

Edward Norton

Edward Norton is a great actor. That being said, he was in the Italian Job. I happen to catch it on TV yesterday for the first time since I saw it in the theater 9 years ago. It still holds up as the most expensive car commercial ever made.

Richard Edson

Richard Edson Mustache

Richard Edson is a character actor, perhaps best known for his joyride in Ferris Buehller’s Day Off. He has 95 other credits to his name on IMDB, and I don’t have much time right now, so he might be better known for something else. Does it matter?