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What If They Grew A Steesh: Marilyn Monroe


It’s not everyday you come across a picture of Marilyn Monroe lifting weights in a bra. When you do, it’s important to put a steesh on it.


Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders is of course very well known because he had successful careers in both the NFL and MLB. By successful I mean he played in both, but there’s no way I’m going back to look at his numbers.

Deion is probably thankful for his years of practice multitasking. He’s better able to do his job as a commentator for the NFL during the draft this weekend, while going through a messy divorce.


M.C. Gainey

M.C. Gainey has been in an average of 5 shows/movies a year since 1981. With these numbers he is giving Anthony Anderson a run for his money.  Let me list some of the highlights:

Designing Women
The Commish
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The Mighty Ducks
Con Air
Nash Bridges
Walker, Texas Ranger
Are We There Yet?
Wild Hogs!!!!!!!

I didn’t say any of the things he was in were great, but a number of them are watchable and I do enjoy his work/steesh.


Will Arnett

Well, it appears one of our posts (Look-a-Like: Ned Flanders & Bryan Cranston) is on the front page of wordpress today. I woke up with a bunch of likes and comment emails, which was nice to see. I also saw one comment from a friendly guy with the username Fuckyermomma that said, “look nothing alike you blind bitch.” Thanks, Fuckyermomma! Yer momma must be so proud of you.

But who really cares about all that, since we’ll be back to our regular 100 views a day by this weekend. Here is a picture of Will Arnett with a mustache. If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen this before, it’s because it’s from the almost certainly terrible movie Jonah Hex. Keep your head up, Hollywood. You’ll get ’em next decade.