Will Arnett

Well, it appears one of our posts (Look-a-Like: Ned Flanders & Bryan Cranston) is on the front page of wordpress today. I woke up with a bunch of likes and comment emails, which was nice to see. I also saw one comment from a friendly guy with the username Fuckyermomma that said, “look nothing alike you blind bitch.” Thanks, Fuckyermomma! Yer momma must be so proud of you.

But who really cares about all that, since we’ll be back to our regular 100 views a day by this weekend. Here is a picture of Will Arnett with a mustache. If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen this before, it’s because it’s from the almost certainly terrible movie Jonah Hex. Keep your head up, Hollywood. You’ll get ’em next decade.


5 thoughts on “Will Arnett

  1. Jessie Lea Pingle

    Congrats, you got yourself a troll!! Oh, I long for the day when my blog is so popular that I too have a troll. Maybe even more than one! But I don’t want to reach too far. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!! I love this blog! 🙂

  2. heysheila

    Yay for being Freshly Pressed! And as for that guy, the rude commenter, he’s just jealous because he CAN’T grow a stache and knows he will never be featured here.
    {PS. You can change his comment to say someting like “I love your blog! I wish I had eyesight as good as yours.}

  3. siriusmama

    So it’s a relatively boring day at the office. I was updating my blog when I saw your site on the wordpress homepage. Love it! Then I came across your post about the &!#*yermomma guy. HI-larious!!! Thanks for the laughs! I’m new to blogging and I loved the way you handled the “poo-poster” (That’s what I call posters who try to poo on your parade..they never succeed!) Keep posting those cool stashes!


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