Monthly Archives: April 2012

Jared Leto

I could copy and paste things from the interweb about Jared, but is it worth it? He’s an actor and musician. He played Prefontaine. He’s been in other stuff. I saw him throw out the first pitch at a Cubs game once. That’s about it.

Jason Giambi

I wanted to get some baseball players up on the page this week with the opening of a new season, but from what I know way more about movies from the 1980’s than I do about baseball players. So here’s one from the last few years.

Jason Giambi proves that with hard work, determination, and the will to cheat, you can succeed in this world.

Ted Levine

Ok so Buffalo Bob doesn’t look as much like Viktor Bout as I first thought. I don’t really care what he looks like. He invented the mangina so he can actually sell weapons to anyone he wants and no one would care.

Viktor Bout a.k.a. Merchant of Death

Federal prosecutors say Bout should spend life in prison because he agreed “without hesitation and with frightening speed” to ship “a breathtaking arsenal of weapons,” including hundreds of surface-to-air missiles, machine guns and sniper rifles along with 10 million rounds of ammunition to men he believed represented a foreign terrorist organization willing to kill Americans in Colombia.”

Seems like it’s not much of a surprise that Buffalo Bill, from Silence of the Lambs, would go from skinning girls and making dresses out of them to selling weapons.

What If They Grew A Steesh: Amanda Bynes

It’s Amanda Bynes’ Birthday today, as well. She was never in great movies, so I guess Eddie Murphy is winning this round. She also retired for a few years in her early twenties, so let’s not forget that she is better than all of us.