Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

TJ Miller

TJ Miller is a comedian. He’s been in some good movies, like “She’s Out of My League”, and he’s been in “Yogi Bear”. He’s a funny guy. He just posted the above picture on his twitter feed. Steeshy.

Sidenote: One day I was feeling like a super fan and sent TJ a picture of his head photoshopped onto Daniel Day Lewis’ body from “There Will Be Blood.” He now has it as his twitter background. That’s as famous as I’ll ever get.


Stephen Root

Milton Office Space

Stephen Root is one of the best character actors around. He is listed in 171 movies/tv shows since 1988, many of which are actually things you would want to watch. I don’t care who you are, but if you don’t like Milton from Office Space, you have problems.


Jesse Hughes

Jesse Hughes is the lead singer of Eagles of Death Metal. They are a good band if you like music. Someone recently posted in the comment section that Jesse looks like Ned Flanders. That person has never seen Jesse Hughes, or they’ve never seen Ned Flanders, or maybe they haven’t seen either of them.