Daily Archives: May 2, 2012

Batman Mustache

I saw this the other day and forgot to post it, but was reminded by a comment yesterday. I don’t know who this guy  is, or what the bet was that he lost, but as far as I can tell the picture originated from here. It’s had almost a million views in 3 days which is impressive for something that isn’t a naked celebrity.

Junior Seau

Not a good day to be featured on this site. First a basketball playing criminal, then a sports writing scammer, and now a retired football player found dead.

Junior Seau has been found dead in his home where police are investigating a shooting (suicide?). This is according to Yahoo, who is siting TMZ. I think everyone just sites TMZ in case they get one wrong, in hopes of some one suing them for everything they have and getting their terrible show taken off the air.

My cousin thinks he was shot to death for over-celebrating every tackle like he just won the super bowl. I don’t know how he lives with himself.


What If They Grew A Steesh: Sarah Phillips

ESPN, Scam

If you haven’t heard of Sarah Phillips, you might pretty soon, unless you watch ESPN. She is a regular contributor to ESPN’s website that has been caught scamming innocent people out of money and websites. If she ever wants another job, she’s going to need a pair of sunglasses and steesh to hide her face.

If you have some time (and you must have some time on your hands if you’re reading this post), check out the Deadspin article that lays out all of her offenses.  It’s pretty crazy stuff.


Jayson Williams

Jayson Williams Murder

Jayson Williams was an NBA player and a criminal. If you look at his wikipedia page, the list of crimes is longer than the list of his NBA accomplishments:

Became good
Injury ended his career

Legal Incidents
Bar fight
Fired semiautomatic weapon
Covered up a shooting
Suicide attempt
Bar fight