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Ron Swanson Riding a Pig

Because I’m the one who updates this page and I know how to use Photoshop.

Karma Stache

The Internet is a weird place, but you know that because you’re reading this. Now there is a website where you can buy mustaches for your car. From the Fantsypants to the High Roller, I’m sure you can find a steesh that suits your car from Karma Stache.

Pops from the Muppets

Pops was the stage doorman for the Muppet Theater. He was supposed to greet the guests when they first arrived — though the nearsighted and forgetful Pops invariably needed to ask “Who’re you?” in his slight country accent.

In the years since the Muppet Show, it’s been theorized that Pops was not nearsighted at all, rather he was blinded by his out of control steesh but refused to trim it because he liked the way it looked.