Weird Al Yankovic

I really liked Weird Al when I was a kid. His songs kept me entertained for hours. I lost interested as I grew older but I’ve heard him interviewed recently and he seems like a nice guy. Paul F. Tompkins also told a great story in his last hour special about meeting Weird Al for the first time. I suggest you check out Laboring Under Delusions as it’s good, and Paul has a nice steesh himself.

2 thoughts on “Weird Al Yankovic

  1. ludovicah

    Try checking out Al’s new Alpocalypse Live DVD, his Weird Al Yankovic Live DVD from the late 90’s and his most recent Album (Alpocalypse) I actually think he is a lot better than he was 15+ years ago, a more accomplished musician, songwriter and performer, and, as you said, he is a really great person too 🙂
    Paul F Tompkins is hilarious:) 🙂

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