Daily Archives: May 23, 2012

Baxter Black

Baxter Black is a cowboy, philosopher, and former veterinarian who hosts a syndicated radio show. With that enormous broom on his face, listening to him speak would be the only way of knowing that he actually had a mouth. Wikipedia claims he’s a true cowboy because Black doesn’t own a fax machine. Using their logic, 99% of the country is a cowboy then.

Led Zeppelin 2 (the man)

A man who legally changed his name to Led Zeppelin 2 has passed away.

In the article, his daughter talked about the name change: “My mom says that he talked about it for probably five years before the divorce.”

I commend the woman for sticking with him that long.


Danny Masterson

If you’ve watched an NBA game in the last 2 months, in between the games and the commercials for Franklin and Bash, you’ve seen the commercials for Men at Work. Masterson is one of the leads.

I’m not saying this won’t be good (it won’t), I’m just saying Men at Work as already been taken twice – once by an Australian band and once by a watchable movie from 1990. It’s time to step up your game, people that we depend on to entertain us.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird, the man that is pictured above with a blonde mustache, called the Indiana Pacers “soft” after they lost to the Miami Heat last night by 32. A funny thing to say for someone whose mustache has the subtitle “Ghost Protocol”, I’d have to assume.

Personally I’d like both of these teams to beat the shit out of each other. I can’t stand either of them. I’d describe how horrible they are, but my articulate cousin already had this to say, “You know the Heat are a bunch of turd cutters when everyone is cheering for the Pacers who are a solid collection of dildos themselves.”