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Ron Swanson Cake

Can i have it?

Weird Al Yankovic

I really liked Weird Al when I was a kid. His songs kept me entertained for hours. I lost interested as I grew older but I’ve heard him interviewed recently and he seems like a nice guy. Paul F. Tompkins also told a great story in his last hour special about meeting Weird Al for the first time. I suggest you check out Laboring Under Delusions as it’s good, and Paul has a nice steesh himself.

We Salute You: Newburgh Free Academy would like to salute the Newburgh Free Academy. This school honored a former teacher with “Fake Mustache Friday.” There is no greater tribute.

The students & faculty also plan on commemorating this former teacher with a memorial bench. We have a suggestion:

Ram Singh Chauhan

World's Longest Mustache

In November, we had a post about Badamsinh Juwansinh Gurjar and his World’s Longest mustache. Today I’m terrified to tell you that someone has broken this record.

Ram Singh Chauhan of India has the world’s longest mustache, 14 feet, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Robert E. Evans

Robert Emory Evans (July 15, 1856 – July 8, 1925) was a Nebraska Republican politician, and are you flat out kidding me with that mustache?! I bet he was an umpire in his spare time and used that thing to dust off the plate between innings.