Daily Archives: June 4, 2012

Rip Taylor

Over the weekend, I was trying to figure out what this site has been missing. I stepped away from my computer and returned only to find my roommate had pulled up Lemon Party in the browser. I knew immediately what we needed more of – old gay men.

So here’s Rip Taylor, who is famous for his real mustache, his fake hair, and his horrible jokes.

Marten Holden Weiner (Mad Men’s Glen Bishop)

Glen Bishop Mad Men, Creepy

I couldn’t find a good picture of Glen Bishop’s mustache from last night’s episode of Mad Men, so I had to take a screen shot and it’s a little dark. Just trust me that it was there and it made him as creepy as ever.

Spoiler Alert: In an episode that included a man hanging himself and a young girl’s first period, Glen Bishop still made me feel the most uncomfortable.