Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

What If They Grew A Steesh: Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron Short hair

Charlize Theron’s latest movie, Prometheus, was number two at the box office this week, taking in over $51 million. To celebrate, she has given herself an extremely short haircut.

The picture above WAS a picture of Charlize taking her son to a doctor’s appointment. NOW it appears to be a creepy gentleman stealing a child.

Henry Hill – Inspiration for Goodfellas

Henry Hill Goodfellas

RIP Henry Hill, inspiration for Ray Liotta’s character in Goodfellas. Henry  passed away yesterday of natural causes. Hill was a Lucchese crime family associate before becoming  an FBI informant when faced with possible corn-holing jail-time due to a narcotics charge.

Ben Garant

I mentioned Ben Garant earlier this week as the writing partner of Thomas Lennon (pictured above with Garant). Like Lennon, Garant made his way up as part of The State comedy group, then playing a deputy on Reno 911!, and now writing movies that make millions of dollars.

I love the picture above because it’s just two buddies with mustaches who have exploited the fact that people love going to the movies to watch Ben Stiller get into sticky situations.