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What If They Grew A Steesh: Kate Upton

Covering TBS Just for Laughs Festival Chicago was certainly fun (at least for me), but now let’s get back to our regularly scheduled nonsense:

Kate Upton GQ popsicle

Model and Actress Kate Upton is on the cover of GQ to give people the newest reason to love their steesh.

Nick Offerman: American Ham – TBS Just for Laughs Chicago

Last but not least, I took in Nick Offerman: American Ham on Saturday night at The Vic. This was another show where coming in I had no idea what to expect. I love Nick as Ron Swanson, but I wasn’t sure what kind of a live performance I was about to see.

Nick’s wife, comedic actress Megan Mullally, opened the show with her band by singing a few songs. Offerman took the stage with no shirt on, as the show is billed to have brief nudity.

He isn’t much of stand-up comedian, nor did he try to be. He used the show to highlight his ten tips for life. Tips ranged from “say please and thank you” to “use intoxicants.” For each tip he had a humorous story or viewpoint that helped move his point along.

As Ron Swanson is in Parks and Recreation,  Nick Offerman is a man’s man. He suggested people stop spending so much time playing with their machines and learn a craft. He thinks social media is crazy, citing the fact that McDonald’s wants you to be their friend on facebook. It wasn’t all serious philosophical advice though. He played songs about always having a handkerchief and getting high with Jesus.

This site has somewhat of a love affair with Ron Swanson the character, but after seeing American Ham, it’s good to know that we feel the same way about Nick Offerman the actor.


Sarah Silverman’s Pro Choice – TBS Just for Laughs Chicago

On Saturday, Sarah Silverman hosted a line up of comics that included, Reggie Watts, Marc Maron, Kyle Dunnigan (who came out as a character named Craig, who I recognized from Reno 911!), Natasha Leggero, and it all got started by Hannibal Buress, who I had already seen earlier in the week. This was a serious group of comedians, none of which let me down.

Reggie Watts, was probably the most impressive. He showed off his combination of music and improv talents, my favorite of which was a song about a guy who got up to use the bathroom during Reggie’s performance.

T.J. Miller: Performance Anxiety – TBS Just for Laughs Chicago

T.J. Miller brought his L.A. series of showcases to Up Comedy Club on Friday. It was a mix of local up and coming comedians with established comedians. The highlights for me included Matt Braunger, Brody Stevens (the only comedian all week that made me laugh so hard I cried a little) and T.J. Miller himself.

There were too many comedians to post every picture with a steesh. But what I will do is share this link with you, that explains how you can see the new first show of the Chicago version of Performance Anxiety tonight at the Pleasure Chest.