Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

Joseph Maher – Farfel’s owner on Seinfeld

Gavin Farfel Seinfeld

I have an ever-changing list of names on my phone of men with mustaches and sometimes women I think should have a mustache. Joseph Maher was listed simply as “Farfel’s owner – Seinfeld.”

According to his IMDB page, he did quite a bit more than that, with a career spanning from 1958-1999.  I will, however, choose to remember him as the drunk with the crazy dog.

Joe Lloyd

I saw this beaut on Sunday while watching the U.S. Open.  Joe was an English golfer who won the third U.S. Open at the Chicago Golf Club in 1897. According to golfika.com, that same year he challenged a man, who was to use a full set of clubs, to a match where Joe would only use his putter. He won the match.

Wikipedia also doesn’t know when he died. It says “(1864-?)” next to his name, so he might be a vampire.

Tobias Funke Plush Doll

I saw this yesterday when this link was sent to me. I’ll add this doll to the list of things I want but will never have next to “a week of my life that parallels the movie Blank Check.”