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Toast vs. French Toast

I guess some people don’t like when you joke that the French like Jerry Lewis. It’s not as if I accused them of owning Two and a Half Men on DVD. I just wanted an excuse to watch that clip from The Errand Boy, which I really enjoy.

I don’t want to get any negative comments on this post, so I’ll tell you this – I don’t believe that all French toast smoke cigarettes, have thin mustaches and wear berets. I do believe that the one in this picture looks nice though.

Jerry Lewis

If you are a grandparent or French, this post is going to be like ice cream on a July evening for you. For everyone else, you can wait an hour until I post a picture of a serial killer or a girl I’ve hastily photoshopped a mustache on, because for some reason those posts are the most popular.

I am neither a grandparent or French, but I can’t get enough of this scene from the 1961 Jerry Lewis movie The Errand Boy:


UPDATE 7.3.12:

Kevin Bacon

I think Kevin Bacon had a mustache in one of the X Men movies. Or I just saw him in part of one this weekend and assumed there had to be a picture out there of him with a mustache. Guess what – found it!

He is a pretty good actor, minus Hallow Man, but in this picture he looks like a registered sex offender.