Jerry Lewis

If you are a grandparent or French, this post is going to be like ice cream on a July evening for you. For everyone else, you can wait an hour until I post a picture of a serial killer or a girl I’ve hastily photoshopped a mustache on, because for some reason those posts are the most popular.

I am neither a grandparent or French, but I can’t get enough of this scene from the 1961 Jerry Lewis movie The Errand Boy:


UPDATE 7.3.12:

6 thoughts on “Jerry Lewis

  1. phildange

    Jerry Lewis was popular in France in the 60s . I don’t know why Americans blocked their stereotypes of French in a far away past . Why do they think we say “sacrebleu” although this word was popular in the XIXth century . Why they believe French people wear berets although only old peasants in Britanny and South-western villages still do it . Why they always dare proclaiming loudly utterly wrong facts about the French .
    Really don’t know why they always are loud and wrong about the French . But as they all repeat the same bullshit, they believe it more and more .
    Please, try to play nonsense with Turkish next decade .

  2. Los Bulls Post author

    I’m sorry if you were offended by this loud, utterly wrong post. From what I’ve heard, all French people are very defensive of their love of Jerry Lewis. While stereotypes are often wrong or misleading, it seems there’s no exception in your case.

    Also, In March 2006, 30 plus years after you estimate France’s love affair with Jerry Lewis ended, the French Minister of Culture awarded Lewis the Légion d’honneur, calling him the “French people’s favorite clown.”

  3. phildange

    What Ministers do has no relationship with what people do and think . Nobody ever speaks of Jerry Lewis in France, or just like in every country over 50 yo folks who watched his movies in the 60s . Under 30 they don’t know his name . I guess the buffoon who was Minister wanted to pay a tribute to and old actor, but what he said was gentle and out of reality .
    Americans repeat what other Americans said, all based on a complete misunderstanding, in the best case and a complete ignorance mostly, of France and French mind .
    The French are not defensive about Jerry Lewis, they are defensive about perpetual insults .

  4. Los Bulls Post author

    I’ll apologize for upsetting you. I will not, however, apologize for the following, because it took me much longer than the original sentence:

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