Daily Archives: October 4, 2012

Brian Cox Knows How To Pronounce A Lot Of Scotches!


Esquire has set up a feature where Brian Cox, who somehow was in Super Troopers without a mustache but has one here,  sips and names 40 different scotch brands. This should save me some embarrassment next time I’m at a bar and I order a Coors Light.

Denis Leary in The Ref


Denis Leary makes me laugh sometimes as a comedian, but he is very loud and angry which is difficult for me to  take for long periods at a time. I prefer him in Rescue Me and I think he does a nice job in The Ref. It’s a pretty funny movie, though I don’t agree with the ABC-TV Los Angeles. First I don’t think watching a family fall apart during the holidays is “Hysterically Funny.” Secondly, how can a TV station review a movie? Finally, why doesn’t “Denis” rhyme with “penis”?