Steeshes of Anarchy – Chuck Zito


After suing FX for stealing the idea of an outlaw motorcycle club tv show, Chuck Zito joined Sons of Anarchy this year as a transfer from another chapter of the MC (mustache club).

Besides acting Chuck is an/was an amateur boxer, martial artist, celebrity bodyguard, stuntman, former boxing trainer and former president of the New York chapter of the Hells Angels. I had to check that list twice to confirm that “High School Gym Weekend Wrestler” wasn’t on that list, seeing as he looks just like one of those nuts.

2 thoughts on “Steeshes of Anarchy – Chuck Zito

  1. Peaches

    I would just like to suggest that Chuck Zito get new pants. Preferably men’s, because those girly looking jeans are not even beginning to contain his package. Then again, that might be the goal.

    Good find.


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