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Enjoy Your Weekend – Aren’t You The Cutest Edition


I don’t even remember this happening in Parks and Recreation, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It’s impressive that he can keep a straight face when something so adorable is happening right under his nose. With that mustache, he’s probably used to it.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tom Hanks Wears A Mustache, Swears On Live TV

Tom Hanks visited Good Morning America today and had a little slip up by saying F*ck. I know this will be on a lot of websites and blogs, but since he was wearing a mustache, it’s important that we bring you the news.

My favorite part of the whole thing is that right after Tom says it, he goes straight for the mustache. It’s as if he was trying to distract the viewers with his fanciful facial fur.

Watch the video here. The one swear word is not bleeped so it might not be safe for work if your job sucks.

UPDATE: The embedded video isn’t working, so watch it here.

Chris Kattan Is Still Alive


Sometimes when I have had a slow posting week and I feel I owe to myself and others to post, I’ll simply search celebrity birthdays to see if I get any steesh-hits. Well today was a rough one. The only person I recognized with steesh was Omar Gooding (Jr.) and he’s already been featured here (and even had his management reply to the post).

Anyway, somehow on that list of Celebrity Birthdays, celebrity being used very loosely here, was Chris Kattan. He was not too bad on SNL and went on to make one of my brother’s favorite movies, Corky Romano. It also appears he was in an IFC mini-series called Bollywood Hero where he sported a steesh.

I like to imagine his birthday cake is an apple pie, and he destroys it like Mr. Peppers. Happy birthday, Chris!