Daily Archives: January 15, 2013

Steeshy Psychopaths

These two guys were in Seven Psychopaths, which was an outstanding movie. I don’t know anything about either guy, but here’s a picture of some nice steeshes. The top guy is James Hebert and the bottom guy is Zeljko Ivanek. There you have it.

James Hebert Mustache


Paul Bearer A.K.A. Percy Pringle III

Paul Bearer Mustache

Bill Moody is better known to some of us as Paul Bearer or Percival Pringle III, a wrestler/manager in the WWF and other far less popular wrestling outlets. Moody has an actual a degree in mortuary science and is (or at least once was) certified as a funeral director and embalmer.

Paul Bearer first appeared in 1990 as a manager to The Undertaker. This is when the nightmares started for me. I haven’t watched wrestling in about 13 years but I think I could sketch this guys horrifying face since it’s burned into my brain. His face looks like a pile of dough that got some caterpillars and grapes stuck in it.