What is a Steesh?

(Rosie Perez voice:) What is a Steesh?
The term “Steesh” is another way of saying mustache and was born on accident. A drunk friend was doing what any real friend would do and pointed out to one of his friends a mustache he spotted. He meant to say, “Hey look at that stache,” but because he was drunk it came out “Hey look at that steesh.” It was a weird name and it quickly stuck.

6 of us (later a 7th was added) formed The Steesh Wednesday Group to breakup the dull work weeks. Every Wednesday since July ’07, each member of The Steesh Wednesday Group have chosen a celebrity with a steesh, and then emailed it to the other members of the Group.  It’s been a ritual that has brought many laughs and has drawn the ridicule of family members.  With this blog, we’re slowly unveiling the many steeshes that we have sent to one another.

Join us in the fun.  Send us your Steeshes, whether they are famous people or not. The worlds’ steeshes need to be seen.


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