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Chase Carey

News Corp.

Chase Carey is the President, Chief Operating Officer, and Deputy Chairman of  Steesh News Corporation, a major international mustache media conglomerate.

Mustache Magnet

Continuing with the mustache gift series, here is a Mustache Magnet that would annoy please anyone. This isn’t just a cute little mustache magnet you can throw on a picture to make it look the like person has a steesh. This thing is over 2 feet long!

I recommend buying it for anyone who takes the decorating of their refrigerator too seriously. After all, it’s just there to keep your hot dogs from spoiling.

H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes is said to be America’s first serial killer. He built a hotel where he would gas his unsuspecting visitors. Instead of breaking up with his girlfriends he would kill them and then sell their skeletons to medical schools. It makes you wonder why people with mustaches sometimes get a bad wrap.