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Steesh Look-a-Likes: Leslie David Baker & Jerome “Doc” Louis

Jerome “Doc” Louis

Jerome “Doc” Louis, Mac’s trainer, should round out the NES Punchout mustache crew, as we posted Von Kaiser back in 2008. Doc always had an inspirational word for Mac, and was one hell of bicyclist.

Bonus video:


Great Tiger

Great Tiger is another character, in a long line of racially insensitive characters, from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. It’s absolutely shocking how little time and thought were put into making these boxers. The meeting was just a guy listing reasons why he didn’t like foreigners while the animators took notes.

Bald Bull

Bald Bull was a part of the Punch-Out series from Nintendo. He makes up exactly half of what I know about Istanbul. The other half is Omer Asik of the Chicago Bulls. So if anyone asks me about Istanbul I tell them that it’s 100% men, 50% of them half a mustache and 50% can only score if they are left uncovered for 4 seconds.