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donald trump mustache wall

I feel like this guy has been in the news a little bit lately. Here is Donald Trump with a fake steesh, which is possibly the only thing that could make him palatable.

I hope that some friendly Mexican boarder village builds a wall and paints the above mural on it just to warn anyone who has thoughts of immigrating here there’s a 50% chance of having to deal with Trump for the next four years.

Louis Zorich – “Steeshes is Steeshes”

Louis Zorich Mustache Pete MuppetsManhattan

Louis Zorich is an actor, probably most recognizable to you for playing Pete in The Muppets Take Manhattan or Paul Reiser’s dad in Mad About You, depending on if you like great movies or bad TV shows. Here’s Pete giving Kermit the Frog a life lesson:

Happy Birthday, Jason Segel

Jason Segel Mustache

Today is actor Jason Segel’s 33rd birthday and to celebrate he grew a mustache (in March of last year). And by grew, I mean he had a mustache. It could be fake. How the F am I supposed to know?

Kevin Clash – Upper Lip Tickler Me Elmo

It seems wrong that just because Elmo puppeteer, Kevin Clash, was accused of an affair with a teenage boy, he has to take a leave from his job – mainly because after an investigation the claims proved to be false. It turns out that Clash was involved with a teenage boy but he was probably 18 years old at the time.

Hey, you know what else seems wrong? An adult in their 40s having a relationship with a child in their teens, whether they’re 16 or 18. In this case, it’s even creepier when you think that throughout the young man’s entire life Elmo existed. He may have even had his very own Tickle Me Elmo.

Pops from the Muppets

Pops was the stage doorman for the Muppet Theater. He was supposed to greet the guests when they first arrived — though the nearsighted and forgetful Pops invariably needed to ask “Who’re you?” in his slight country accent.

In the years since the Muppet Show, it’s been theorized that Pops was not nearsighted at all, rather he was blinded by his out of control steesh but refused to trim it because he liked the way it looked.

Conrad Waldorf

Conrad Waldorf shares the stage left balcony box with Statler in the Muppet Theater. The two delight in heckling every aspect of  The Muppet Show.

Here’s what the two had to say after reading this website:

Waldorf: That was wonderful!
Statler: Bravo!
Waldorf: I loved it!
Statler: That was great!
Waldorf: Well, it was pretty good.
Statler: Well, It wasn’t bad.
Waldorf: There were parts that weren’t pretty good, though.
Statler: It could’ve been a lot better.
Waldorf: I didn’t really like it.
Statler: It was pretty terrible.
Waldorf: It was bad.
Statler: It was awful!
Statler & Waldorf: Terrible! Eh, boo!

Kermit the Frog

More muppet related steesh. This is Kermit the Frog in The Great Muppet Caper. If I remember correctly, that’s the one where Kermit leaves Cuba to build a drug empire in Miami. He deals with the hardships of the cocaine business, and as his power begins to grow so does his ego and his paranoia. I could be wrong. I haven’t seen it in a while.