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Whiskered Cliff – Mount Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore Mustache

I’m kind of bummed that it took me this long to realize that Mt. Rushmore is a whiskered cliff. Of course the mustached likeness of Theodore Roosevelt was carved into the granite cliff that is now known as Mount Rushmore

Robert Todd Lincoln

Robert Todd Lincoln was the eldest son of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.  His father may have freed the slaves, but Robert Todd Lincoln could grow hair directly above his upper lip.  Suck it Abe.

David Stern – What Might Have Been?

NBA Commissioner David Stern when he had some authority.

I just came across this picture of David Stern and something tells me that if he was still wearing his mustache the NBA season would be in full swing right now with a BRI split of 75/25 favoring the owners.

Update 12/9/11: He’s completely lost it and we all know why… grow that shit back, David!