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Michael Showalter/Alan Shemper – Wet Hot American Steesh


Michael Showalter Mustache Alan Shemper Wet Hot American Summer
I don’t post on here anymore but it has come to my attention that the preeminent mustache archive was lacking a very important one. One of the best parts of one of my very favorite movies. Enjoy!

This Son Of A Bitch Is Ice Cold

Jeremiah Birkett Mustache Seinfeld Jean Paul

Jeremiah Birkett appeared as Jean Paul on Seinfeld. Jean Paul was a visiting marathon runner who once slept through his alarm to miss the Olympics. Here’s a clip of some of his scenes. I prefer the ones after George teaches him to swear like a Texan. 

Dave Chappelle – Chappelle’s Steesh

Dave Chappelle Mustache

Dave Chappelle has long had a nice steesh. I’ve actually had a post saved with this picture for a few months. I was hoping he would enter the news somehow or come out with a new  comedy album. No such look. He keeps a low profile.

I was watching Chappelle’s Show a few nights ago though and I can’t believe how funny it still is. Plenty of laughs from skits I’ve watched over and over again. Plenty of Steeshes as well.

John Waters on The Simpsons


In 1997, John Waters voiced John on The Simpsons in an episode called “Homer’s Phobia.” This is one of my favorite episode. It finds Homer upset that the rest of the family is tagging around with a gay man. It is also where the mustached man of the Anvil shows up.

If you’ve never seen this one you should check it out on the internet, the tv or email me and I’ll get a group of friends together and we can act it out for you in full.

Batman Mustache

I saw this the other day and forgot to post it, but was reminded by a comment yesterday. I don’t know who this guy  is, or what the bet was that he lost, but as far as I can tell the picture originated from here. It’s had almost a million views in 3 days which is impressive for something that isn’t a naked celebrity.

Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick is growing a mustache for an upcoming play. If you want to know what his family thinks about it, check out this fascinating article. If you want to know what the FBI thinks about it, check the file they have started on him since he started growing it, I assume.

Curtis Armstrong

Curtis Armstrong played Booger in Revenge of the Nerds. He’s been in a lot of other movies, but I’m not going to list them. If you’re interested in seeing him, just turn on FX and I’m sure you can catch Jingle All the Way or Dodgball.

Whenever I think of Revenge of the Nerds, I can’t help but want to watch the talent show scene:

Jaleel White

Jaleel White is famous for playing Steve Urkel (and Stefan Urquelle) on the 1990’s TGIF masterpiece, Family Matters. The show was watchable, but it didn’t hold the test of time like a Boy Meets World or Step by Step.

Jaleel seems like he was able to navigate the potentially horrifying life of a post childhood star, but he just agreed to be on Dancing with the Stars so that’s still to be decided.

He’ll probably be doing a lot of this:

Harve Presnell

Harve Presnell is the Golden Globe-winning actor best known for his role as William H. Macy’s father-in-law in Fargo, or if you’ve only seen Fargo once like me, you might remember him as Preston Blake in Mr. Deeds.

Harve was also on Andy Barker, P.I. which you can inexplicably watch online through Xfinity.

Ted Turner

For the man who can afford anything – a mustache! A brief check of wikipedia tells me that his nickname is “The Mouth (Awning) of the South.” I can’t confirm or deny that, but when has wikipedia ever been wrong in the past?

As an added bonus, here is a picture of Will Forte as Ted Turner making almost the same exact face:

Steve Buscemi as Coach Bert

Steve Buscemi hosted SNL last weekend and he stretched his acting chops a few times by playing “the creepy guy.” One of the characters was “Coach Bert” who was accused of molesting children just because he had a steesh. Low blow, SNL.

The sketch didn’t go over well with SNL alum Colin Quinn who thought it was too soon to make fun of Jerry Sandusky (which SNL already did anyway a week before). Quinn most recently has been doing his edgy Broadway show “Colin Quinn: Long Story Short” where he makes jokes related to the history of the world(!!!!). It wasn’t short enough as I turned it off after 7 minutes.

Read the story and see the sketch here. 

Dabney Coleman

Dabney plays Commodore Louis Kaestner on Boardwalk Empire. He is Nucky Thompson’s mentor and predecessor in Atlantic City. He is revealed to be Jimmy’s biological father. He was killed by Jimmy while he was high on heroin. Or you might know him as the voice of Principal Peter Prickly on the Recess. That’s how I knew him.