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Michael Showalter/Alan Shemper – Wet Hot American Steesh


Michael Showalter Mustache Alan Shemper Wet Hot American Summer
I don’t post on here anymore but it has come to my attention that the preeminent mustache archive was lacking a very important one. One of the best parts of one of my very favorite movies. Enjoy!

Vince Gilligan

Gilligan is known for creating, writing, directing and producing the AMC drama show, Breaking Bad. Because of this, TV is worth watching on Sundays during the summer.

Blake Anderson – Steeshaholics

Blake Anderson, along with fellow steeshman Anders Holm, is part of the Mail Order Comedy group and co-creator/co-star of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics.” I am not a pothead, but I think I relate to the humor because I like things that are funny.

Do not watch this clip if you get offended by things:

Evan Goldberg – Writer, Steeshman

As promised – Evan Goldberg is Seth Rogen’s friend and collaborator on such films as Knocked UpSuperbad, and Pineapple Express. He has a great job, makes a lot of money, and his parents are very proud of him, I’d be willing to bet.