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Michael Showalter/Alan Shemper – Wet Hot American Steesh


Michael Showalter Mustache Alan Shemper Wet Hot American Summer
I don’t post on here anymore but it has come to my attention that the preeminent mustache archive was lacking a very important one. One of the best parts of one of my very favorite movies. Enjoy!

Blake Anderson – Steeshaholics

Blake Anderson, along with fellow steeshman Anders Holm, is part of the Mail Order Comedy group and co-creator/co-star of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics.” I am not a pothead, but I think I relate to the humor because I like things that are funny.

Do not watch this clip if you get offended by things:

Evan Goldberg – Writer, Steeshman

As promised – Evan Goldberg is Seth Rogen’s friend and collaborator on such films as Knocked UpSuperbad, and Pineapple Express. He has a great job, makes a lot of money, and his parents are very proud of him, I’d be willing to bet.