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He would wake up periodically through the night, cranky and uncomfortable, and I had to wash our sheets every morning. So when Wirecutter’s sleep team put out the call for someone to test the Chili, Pad (with the Cube Sleep System), I volunteered Carter.Electric blankets and heated mattress pads have been around for decades, but cooling contraptions like the Chili, Pad and Bed, Jet are newer innovations.

All of these systems are expensive, with the Chili, Pad starting at $700 for a single-person mat that covers only half of a queen-size bed. The Chili, Pad lies flat beneath your fitted sheet, and it’s reversible, with a mesh side designed for cooler sleep and a cotton-polyester blend on the other side for those (like me) who prefer a warmer bed.

We found it soothing, but those who prefer a silent room for sleeping probably won’t like the sound. Photo: Chili, Sleep, We programmed the Cube to its coldest setting and placed our hands on the Chili, Pad to feel it go to work. It began cooling surprisingly fast, reaching 55 degrees within about five minutes.

Carter guessed that the issue might be condensation; he pointed out that the tubes were colder than the air in our room, which has some natural humidity. A PR rep from Chili, Sleep confirmed his suspicion and said it’s a common experience for many Chili, Pad users. After months of waking to a damp human-shaped shadow on Carter’s side of the bed every morning, I wasn’t concerned about a few tiny water blots, and besides, I’d outfitted our mattress with a waterproof cover long ago.

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For the next few weeks, Carter continued to sleep soundly and wake in the morning totally dry, rested, and cheerful. He swears that this thing works better than any techniques we’ve tried in the past, but he does complain about the medical-device aesthetic. “Seeing those tubes running up the side of the bed and under the covers makes me feel like we’re old and broken,” he said.

Considering the Chili, Pad’s price, this is inexcusable (though both the instruction booklet and the website’s troubleshooting section are very clear about the possibility of condensation, and I should have checked there first). If you or someone in your life has uncontrollable night sweats, start with a medical visit. Your doctor may be able to find and treat the underlying health issue.

Neurologist Chris Winter, the president of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine in Virginia and author of two books on how to get better sleep, isn’t financially compensated by Chili, Pad but probably should be for the amount of praise he gives it. “If you like a cold bed, this thing is amazing,” he told me in an email.

And he told me a colleague has found it helpful for menopausal patients. On the flip side, Winter said that its slight hum can be disturbing for some people—I’ve seen reviews voicing this same complaint from folks who prefer to sleep in a silent room. And, of course, Winter mentioned that the high cost is a big negative.

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If you want to try one without committing, make sure you carefully follow the specific conditions of its 30-day free sleep trial so you can return the Chili, Pad without a hassle. Despite our success with the Chili, Pad, there are two members of our household who want nothing to do with it—our cats.

From the very first night we set the system up, they began cuddling with me instead, so I consider the Chili, Pad a double win..

This Chili, Sleep review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. Chili, Sleep was born from a solution to a very frustrating problem. To put it simply, Founders Todd and Tara Youngblood were tired of being tired.

Before we get into this Chili, Sleep review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons of the brand. All Chili, Sleep products have built-in temperature-controlled technology, ensuring a good night’s rest, Chili, Sleep includes the OOLER app, in which customers can control the temperature of their beds on their phone, Sleep Bundles provide opportunities to save A 90-night sleep trial in which customers can return their orders for a full refund if they are not satisfied Pay-by-installment options through Splitit and Bread, Free US shipping and returns Limited reports of receiving broken products or that the cooling systems stopped working, No products for Single, Twin, or Full beds The standard bed, pillow, and blanket combination is somewhat outdated, and that’s partially to blame on the quality of the material we sleep on.

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For all Chili, Sleep products, customers can choose . Customers can view their monthly payments after adding a selected item for checkout. While Chili, Sleep doesn’t have a vast inventory of products, it’s apparent that they are focusing on quality, not quantity. The brand . Keep reading this Chili, Sleep review to see what our take is on their temperature-controlled sleep technology.

How is water used in the operation of this machine? Customers must simply. Make sure you add enough water, as the machine will turn off when the water level is low. Adding this product to your cart requires two easy steps: : Me (just for you) or we (made for two).

Combined with , you’ll fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. The is the only weighted blanket that can be paired with the brand’s chili control unit. This , which measure approximately 15Ibs. It also offers cooling water channels, which are effective in relieving stress and delivering a restful and restorative sleep.

To , there is a featured insulated tubing with a clamshell connection included with the blanket. This temperature-controlled throw-over is 81” long and 45” inches wide, so you have more than enough space to get cozy under the covers. It is worth noting that . The system can either service one or one , but not both.

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There are currently three different pricing options: : With the control unit: With the control unit: Most things are better in a pair. Chili, Sleep offers bundles, in which customers can get . Currently, they only sell two bundles: the and the , which all happen to be bestsellers. Stay tuned, as this Chili, Sleep review highlights the features of both sets.

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The set includes their revolutionary and their . With a touch of a button on the , users can quickly make the bed environment cooler or warmer, without even shifting their position underneath the soft, fleece blanket. Several pricing options are available depending on bed size and whether you share a bed or not.

Customers can opt for the (better nights sleep). With the simple task of adding water to the reservoir tank, users can experience quality sleep with its patented cooling and warming technology. Featuring an that automatically shuts off when the water level is low, customers can easily turn the heat up and down as.

The has several pricing options listed below. For the sleep system: Half/Me Queen: (originally priced at )Half/Me King: (reduced from )Half/Me California King: (discounted from)Full/We Queen: (original price was )Full/We King: (reduced from )Full/We California King: (discounted from ) For the , you can expect to pay: : (originally priced at )With the control unit: (discounted from )With the control unit: (reduced from ) This Chili, Sleep review found a during its research.

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Customers report that the products. This is mostly in regards to the and the system. “Love my Chili, Pad! We have a high-end foam and gel mattress! Love the comfort of it but I was always hot and miserable. Got the Chili Pad for Christmas and it changed my sleep,” one reviewer wrote on their website.

He wrote this about the system: “I have had more consistent and sound sleep every night. I wake up feeling more rested and alert. Also, I wear an Oura ring and the number of wake-ups I have every night has drastically decreased…My deep and REM sleep have also increased.” There are other positive reviewson Chili, Sleep Amazon pages, where the .

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We did come across some negative reviews on Chili, Sleep Reddit threads, the brand website, and Amazon. A handful of customers noted that the or that they . Other customers felt that the products are , and some were displeased that they could . This Chili, Sleep review encourages you to check out their specialized temperature-controlled sleep technology, but only if you .

See for yourself if Chili, Sleep is the solution you need for your sleepless nights. If all else fails, you can rely on their . This Chili, Sleep review found out that the company has a military discount, in which customers are encouraged to reach out to their customer service support team to find out more details.

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They also have a , in which customers can give and receive a . Customers can also shop in and get a pack of . You can buy the cooling systems directly on their website, , or by visiting Chili, Sleep Amazon. According to Chili, Sleep, the will make a slight humming noise while it is operating.

According to Sleepopolis, it takes 30 minutes for the to heat up or cool down to get your preferred temperature. ing Policy? This Chili, Sleep review found out that they offer . As long as the product ordered is not in production, the order will be shipped the same or next business day. better nights sleep.

Customers in the continental US can expect their orders to be delivered within . Alaska, Hawaii, and all off-shore United States territories should expect orders in . For international orders, shipping may take up to to arrive. There are select countries that Chili, Sleep does not ship to, which you can find on their website.

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This is how I landed upon the Chilipad Sleep System. What is the Chilipad Sleep System? The Chilipad Sleep System is a mattress pad that connects, via a long, flat tube, to a temperature-regulating cube. To use it, you pour water into the cube (more details on that in a moment) and set a temperature from a dial on the cube or a remote control that comes with it.

I had to peel off my sheets from the bed, place the pad on the side of the mattress I usually sleep on, then re-make the bed—pretty straightforward for a mattress pad. Then, I had to fish a thick, wide tube out from under the mat (an umbilical cord, in a sense) and plug it into the control cube, about the same size as a space heater.

The way my mat was packaged, the tube was tucked along the underside of the mat and, based on what I saw in the instruction manual, I thought it was supposed to stay that way. So, when I connected the pieces, the portion of the tube that projected from the head of the bed was too short to allow the cube to rest on the floor without tipping over.

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My bedroom isn’t tiny, but I don’t have a ton of surface space—my nightstand is full and my dressers are quite tall—so I improvised by bringing my desk chair over to the foot of my bed and placing the cube there. This worked fine, but didn’t look great, and made it hard to navigate around my room.