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Channing Tatum Was Obligated to Grow a Mustache Because He Was Once a Male Stripper


Matthew McConaughey Channing Tatum* gets a pretty bad rap for his acting, because he’s pretty bad at it and he’s in mostly garbage movies. However, he managed to squeak out a nice performance in the 1993 “coming of age film*” Dazed and Confused 2012 buddy cop comedy 21 Jump Street.

*I thought for sure this was a stage name, but his parents are responsible for it and hopefully not much else.

Jake Johnson

Jake is all over the place these days and sometimes he has a steesh. He is currently on the Fox show New Girl, which isn’t such a bad show. He’s got a part in the movie 21 Jump Street that comes out today and is getting much better reviews than anyone (I) could have imagined.

He really did a great job as Teddy in the movie Ceremony, which now plays on premium channels quite a bit, and he also had a small role in my favorite scene from the web series Clark and Michael.