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Casual Hitler vs Big Fat Liar vs Epic Movie

Taran Killam Mustache Casual Hitler

Christoph Waltz hosted SNL last weekend. During the monologue they pranced out a number of characters meant to make fun of Waltz’s native Austria, one of which was Casual Hitler played by Taran Killam.

Casual Hitler is probably very offensive to a lot of people, but it can’t be more offensive than some of the movies Taran (who is very funny) was in before getting on to SNL, like Big Fat Liar or Epic Movie.

Bob Hoskins and Why The People In Charge Of The Super Mario Bros. Movie Probably Never Worked In Hollywood Again

Surprisingly, the people in charge of the Super Mario Bros. movie got it right that Mario should have a mustache. That’s where their success stopped. We’ve already established that they blew it on Luigi’s mustache.

They also kind of ignored a few key details from the video game, like that fact that Mario and Luigi are fraternal twins of Italian descent. Instead of getting two Italians that look similar, they chose to hire a chubby British guy and a jittery Colombian.

It seems fitting that there are three directors listed on IMDB, because with a movie this bad it’s important that the blame is spread out.

Will Arnett

Well, it appears one of our posts (Look-a-Like: Ned Flanders & Bryan Cranston) is on the front page of wordpress today. I woke up with a bunch of likes and comment emails, which was nice to see. I also saw one comment from a friendly guy with the username Fuckyermomma that said, “look nothing alike you blind bitch.” Thanks, Fuckyermomma! Yer momma must be so proud of you.

But who really cares about all that, since we’ll be back to our regular 100 views a day by this weekend. Here is a picture of Will Arnett with a mustache. If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen this before, it’s because it’s from the almost certainly terrible movie Jonah Hex. Keep your head up, Hollywood. You’ll get ’em next decade.