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Ethan Suplee and Leonardo DiCaprio Smash Things in The Wolf Of Wall Street

Eithan Suplee Mustache Wolf of Wall Street


Above, Ethan Suplee smashes something in a c’caine filled rage in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Below, Leonardo DiCaprio smashes it on the dance floor in a c’caine filled rage in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Leonardo Dicaprio Dancing Wolf of Wall Street

Mr. Feeny Joins Girl Meets World Pilot

Mr Feeny 2013

This is the first thing I’ve felt compelled to post in a while. William Daniels will reportedly be a part of the Girl Meets World pilot. No word yet if that means Mr. Feeny will be on the much-anticipated reprise of Boy Meets World, but we can all say some prayers. I’d like to imagine that William saw all the hype about the new show and simply faxed, “I’m back” to Michael Jacobs.

How Adam Scott Can Get Pretty Much Any Role He Wants

When Adam Scott is looking to get a role he really wants, I assume he opens a word document, pastes the above photo into it and writes down three things:

  1. Griff Hawkins – Boy Meets World
  2. Henry Pollard – Party Down
  3. Ben Wyatt – Parks and Recreation

And that’s it. The part is his just for being awesome.

In addition he is responsible for this:

Jaleel White

Jaleel White is famous for playing Steve Urkel (and Stefan Urquelle) on the 1990’s TGIF masterpiece, Family Matters. The show was watchable, but it didn’t hold the test of time like a Boy Meets World or Step by Step.

Jaleel seems like he was able to navigate the potentially horrifying life of a post childhood star, but he just agreed to be on Dancing with the Stars so that’s still to be decided.

He’ll probably be doing a lot of this: