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Hanging with Omar Gooding (Jr.)

I know his name isn’t Omar Gooding Jr. but for some reason whenever I say his name I end up adding it.

Omar is best known for playing a teenager for 10 years on Hanging with Mr. Cooper and Smart Guy. I guess he is also a rapper named Big O, but I like music so I’ve never heard it.

Omar has overcome the odds of being his parents favorite. Cuba Jr., the early favorite after winning an Oscar in 1996 while Omar phoned in another season of Smart Guy, has been making horrible movies like Rat Race and Radio for years now. All Omar had to do was sit pretty and hope that Cuba would keep embarrassing their parents. Now that Cuba has a warrant out for his arrest, surely Omar has taken the top spot in their parents’ eyes.

Cuba Gooding Jr. – Show Me the Mustache

Famous people, especially Academy Award winning actors, are usually granted a few passes from the general public if they do something terrible. It’s a shame that Cuba Gooding Jr. used his passes on Boat Trip and Daddy Day Camp because he could use one after assaulting a woman in New Orleans.

According to everything I’ve read about the situation (which is about one third of that article above) Cuba Gooding Jr. became upset when people were taking pictures of him at a bar. He then put on a Winnie the Pooh costume and started yelling, “Show me the honey!!” When a bartender asked him to leave he slammed a  jar of honey on her head, thus resulting in the assault charge.

Again, I didn’t read the whole article so that might not be the exact story.