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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Glory Daze

Ben Affleck often gets a lot of shit for his acting skills, and it probably stems from movies like Glory Daze. I caught five minutes of this yesterday and only kept it on because I was trying to identify Sam Rockwell. He was also in Pearl Harbor, as we all know is unwatchable.

But look, he’s been in a few good movies. And who am I to say what is a good movie anyway. I own Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. No joke. I can go home and watch it right now. So never listen to anything I say about movies again.

Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner is of course a famous actor and director. Here he is during his All in the Family days. It appears as though the more hair he lost on his head, the more he grew on his face and that’s why he now has a beard.