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Friday Night Movie Recommendation: La Moustache

If you’re looking for plans on this blisteringly hot Friday night, why not snuggle up on the couch in the cool AC and watch the 2005 French film La Moustache. It’s about a man who shaves his steesh after 15 years, to find that no one notices it’s gone. It’s billed as a Drama/Mystery/Thriller but it sounds like a horror movies to me.

Jerry Lewis

If you are a grandparent or French, this post is going to be like ice cream on a July evening for you. For everyone else, you can wait an hour until I post a picture of a serial killer or a girl I’ve hastily photoshopped a mustache on, because for some reason those posts are the most popular.

I am neither a grandparent or French, but I can’t get enough of this scene from the 1961 Jerry Lewis movie The Errand Boy:


UPDATE 7.3.12: