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What If They Grew A Steesh: Creepy Librarian from Ghostbusters

This lady is the creepiest part of Ghostbusters, even before she is possessed by a ghost. She still haunts me til this day. Just as Bruce Wayne had to confront his fear of bats to become Batman, I will confront my fear of the creepy librarian to become Creepy Librarian Man.

Ernie Hudson

My goal was to get a picture of Andy Griffith with a mustache and I ended up with this. It appears that he stayed cleanly shaven his whole life. We don’t have to agree that it is the best look, but he had the right to do so. Then I searched for a picture of Don Knotts with a mustache. I figured his sidekick could stand in for him on this sad day. No go either. I didn’t want to add a mustache to a picture of Andy because it seems rude to do to someone who has just passed away, and I didn’t want to upset his ghost. That made me think of Ghostbusters, and so here we are.

Rest in Peace Andy Griffith. Don’t be a disruptive ghost and you’ll do fine in the afterlife.