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Richard Dreyfuss – Krippendorf’s Steesh

Richard Dreyfuss is best known for playing the role of Krippendorf in the 1998 smash hit Krippendorf’s Tribe. When he’s not acting he spends his summers at Lake Winnipesaukee giving diving lessons as seen in the picture I photoshopped below.

Clint Eastwood Just Short of Telling Obama to Get Off His Lawn

In his younger days, Clint Eastwood sometimes sported a mustache/beard combo in his successful motion pictures. These days he’s just rambling to invisible presidents while looking like the unmasked bad guy in a Scooby-Doo cartoon.

Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney is a comedian and Twitter extraordinaire. His tweets are crude and full of humor. My favorites are the tweets involving his neighbor, Karen. Some find his unrelenting assault on Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans to be top notch.

Others, however, do you not find him all that great. A critic on the interwebs said the following: “Rob Delaney has an interesting comedic style in that he sucks. He has a face for radio & the hairstyle of a pederast.” Don’t worry, Rob, we find your hairstyle to be non-pederast.