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Marc Maron and Dave Foley

Marc Maron and Dave Foley Mustache

Comedian and podcaster Marc Maron has a new show on Friday nights on IFC called Maron that has been on a for a few weeks. I was able to catch up on it this weekend and to my delight got to see both Maron and fellow comedian Dave Foley with a couple of nice steeshes.

Maron, much like Louis C.K.’s Louie, follows a fictionalized Maron. Even though it’s not as good as the old shows on the TGIF lineup, it pretty good entertainment for a Friday night show.

TJ Miller

TJ Miller is a comedian. He’s been in some good movies, like “She’s Out of My League”, and he’s been in “Yogi Bear”. He’s a funny guy. He just posted the above picture on his twitter feed. Steeshy.

Sidenote: One day I was feeling like a super fan and sent TJ a picture of his head photoshopped onto Daniel Day Lewis’ body from “There Will Be Blood.” He now has it as his twitter background. That’s as famous as I’ll ever get.