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Mad (Steesh)Men – Charlie Hofheimer

Charlie Hofheimer Mustache Mad Men

Charlie Hofheimer plays Peggy Olsen’s boyfriend, Abe Drexler on Mad Men. He is a journalist/writer who basically just lives off Peggy. She just bought an apartment and he’s doing “some light remodeling.” I would do that for a free place to live. Hell, I had to do some light remodeling when I moved into my current apartment, like removing the door knob from my closet door and putting it on my roommate’s bedroom door because it was missing a knob. I wonder what kind of knob problems Abe is dealing with?

Rip Taylor

Over the weekend, I was trying to figure out what this site has been missing. I stepped away from my computer and returned only to find my roommate had pulled up Lemon Party in the browser. I knew immediately what we needed more of – old gay men.

So here’s Rip Taylor, who is famous for his real mustache, his fake hair, and his horrible jokes.