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Who’s Having Sex With The Hen?!

Jerry Stiller Mustache

I was watching Seinfeld last night and couldn’t stop thinking about how much I like Jerry Stiller. Between Frank Costanza on Seinfeld and Arthur Spooner on King of Queens, he has brought me an awful lot of joy.

Watch what got me laughing last night.

This Son Of A Bitch Is Ice Cold

Jeremiah Birkett Mustache Seinfeld Jean Paul

Jeremiah Birkett appeared as Jean Paul on Seinfeld. Jean Paul was a visiting marathon runner who once slept through his alarm to miss the Olympics. Here’s a clip of some of his scenes. I prefer the ones after George teaches him to swear like a Texan. 

Phil Morris – Seinfeld’s Jackie Chiles

Phil Morris is an actor most famous for his playing Jackie Chiles in the NBC sitcom Seinfeld and John Jones on Smallville, and my friend Dan once saw him at a volleyball game, according to Dan.

Joseph Maher – Farfel’s owner on Seinfeld

Gavin Farfel Seinfeld

I have an ever-changing list of names on my phone of men with mustaches and sometimes women I think should have a mustache. Joseph Maher was listed simply as “Farfel’s owner – Seinfeld.”

According to his IMDB page, he did quite a bit more than that, with a career spanning from 1958-1999.  I will, however, choose to remember him as the drunk with the crazy dog.

Michael Richards

Michael Richards, famous for his long stint as Kramer on Seinfeld and his extremely racist rant at the Laugh Factory, was part of the “just watchable” Airheads. He sported a nice mustache and spent most of the movie in an air duct.