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Seth MacFarlane Gets a Steve Harvey Makeover

The new season of SNL premiered this weekend with host Seth MacFarlane. In one particularly funny bit, Steve Harvey’s new daytime talk show has a makeover segment where he makes Seth MacFarlane’s character over to look just like him. It doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Update: I tried to embed the video earlier, but as we all know Hulu is the devil so here is the link:


Giovanni Ribisi (Creepstache!)

I saw Ted last night and to my surprise, Giovanni Ribisi appeared with a nice steesh. The movie was not bad and I much enjoyed Giovanni’s small role as the creepy guy who really wanted that talking teddy bear. He may have even been my favorite part of the movie.

My least favorite part was the two guys behind me who felt the need to try to predict what was going to happen next every 3 minutes. Then they would tell each other if they got the jokes or not. The one in the tank-top got less of the jokes than the one in the sweatpants.

EDIT: Not sure what the French think about Giovanni Ribisi, but I’ll assume they like him.