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What If They Grew A Steesh of Anarchy – Katey Sagal


Katey Sagal of Married with Children and of course 8 Simple Rules fame plays Gemma Teller Morrow on SOA. She is married to show creator Kurt Sutter. The audition probably went like this:

Kurt: You’ll be reading for the part of Gemma Teller Morrow, the matriarch of the criminal motorcycle club. She’s a bad women who gets what she wants no matter the price.
Katey: I’ll take it.


Steeshes of Anarchy – Harold Perrineau


Harold Perrineau plays Damon Pope, the dangerous drug kingpin in Oakland on SOA. He also played Michael on Lost, which I didn’t realize until I googled him. You can really get closer to someone and learn more about them once you take the step to give them a good googling.

Steeshes of Anarchy – Tommy Flanagan


Tommy Flanagan plays Filip “Chibs” Telford on SOA. Perhaps the sound on the television is starting to fade, but it seems to me that Tommy is getting more and more difficult to understand each episode. Listening to him talk is like listening to a leprechaun with a mouth full of chunky peanut butter.