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James Adomian – “Thinnest Mustache Allowable By Law”

James Adomian Mustache

James Adomian is a stand-up comedian and actor. I saw him last night at Zanies in Chicago and he was really funny. I’d heard him many times doing characters like Jesse Ventura and Huell Howser on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast (he also appeared on an episode of the TV show on IFC). He’s not only hilarious, he has a great mustache that he described as the “thinnest mustache allowable by law.”

Trying to tell someone that you think a comedian is very funny can be tricky. I can recommend you go see James Adomian this weekend at Zanies in Chicago because he’s the funniest live comedian I’ve seen since Hannibal Buress, while my cousin Bryan would recommend you go see Jim Belushi because he’s the funniest guy he’s seen since Frank Caliendo. You’ll just have to realize that I have a sense of humor and Bryan has an “According to Jim” poster in his basement.

Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney is a comedian and Twitter extraordinaire. His tweets are crude and full of humor. My favorites are the tweets involving his neighbor, Karen. Some find his unrelenting assault on Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans to be top notch.

Others, however, do you not find him all that great. A critic on the interwebs said the following: “Rob Delaney has an interesting comedic style in that he sucks. He has a face for radio & the hairstyle of a pederast.” Don’t worry, Rob, we find your hairstyle to be non-pederast.

Nick Offerman: American Ham – TBS Just for Laughs Chicago

Last but not least, I took in Nick Offerman: American Ham on Saturday night at The Vic. This was another show where coming in I had no idea what to expect. I love Nick as Ron Swanson, but I wasn’t sure what kind of a live performance I was about to see.

Nick’s wife, comedic actress Megan Mullally, opened the show with her band by singing a few songs. Offerman took the stage with no shirt on, as the show is billed to have brief nudity.

He isn’t much of stand-up comedian, nor did he try to be. He used the show to highlight his ten tips for life. Tips ranged from “say please and thank you” to “use intoxicants.” For each tip he had a humorous story or viewpoint that helped move his point along.

As Ron Swanson is in Parks and Recreation,  Nick Offerman is a man’s man. He suggested people stop spending so much time playing with their machines and learn a craft. He thinks social media is crazy, citing the fact that McDonald’s wants you to be their friend on facebook. It wasn’t all serious philosophical advice though. He played songs about always having a handkerchief and getting high with Jesus.

This site has somewhat of a love affair with Ron Swanson the character, but after seeing American Ham, it’s good to know that we feel the same way about Nick Offerman the actor.