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George Clooney

I’ve always heard that the best actors have giant heads. I think this picture really gives you some perspective as to just how big George Clooney’s head is. His mustache really highlights the space between his nose and upper lip.

Robert Todd Lincoln

Robert Todd Lincoln was the eldest son of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.  His father may have freed the slaves, but Robert Todd Lincoln could grow hair directly above his upper lip.  Suck it Abe.

Jebedia Springfield

Jebedia Springfield is the founder of Springfield on the Simpsons. His original name is Hans Sprungfeld.  Hans was a horrible blood thirsty pirate that tried to kill George Washington.  He needed to hide out, so he did what any man would do and hid his upper lip with some hair and then no one figured out who he really was until an 8 year old did some research hundreds of years later.  By that time the steesh drug had set in and no one really cared because he looked so good.