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Tyler Perry – Diary of a Mustached Black Man

Tyler Perry is very famous and wealthy. He’s friends with Will Smith and Oprah. He has been in 17 movies since 2005. However, 7 of those movies he was dressed as crazy old Lady, so is it worth it?

Tyler Perry isn’t for me. His movies don’t interest me in the least bit. He kind of creeps me out just looking at him, and thinking about how he spends a lot of time playing an old woman puts it over the edge.

A note on Wikipedia I found interesting says “almost all of the Madea’s earnings have been generated in the United States.” I dont know how accurate or even how often something like that occurs, but what it says to me is America is in trouble. Then again, I used American money to purchase a DVD copy of Benchwarmers, so what do I know.

Dick Van Dyke

I’m pretty confident that most people know about Dick Van Dyke. I’d like to share what I found to be the most important part of his wikipedia page:

“His grandson, Shane Van Dyke, is also an actor and directed Titanic II.”

Joe Lloyd

I saw this beaut on Sunday while watching the U.S. Open.  Joe was an English golfer who won the third U.S. Open at the Chicago Golf Club in 1897. According to golfika.com, that same year he challenged a man, who was to use a full set of clubs, to a match where Joe would only use his putter. He won the match.

Wikipedia also doesn’t know when he died. It says “(1864-?)” next to his name, so he might be a vampire.

Robert Morse

After a pretty depressing day of posts yesterday, I’m sticking to some safe people who I have no problems with. Robert is most famous for being in musicals I’ve never seen. He plays Bertram “Bert” Cooper in Mad Men, which I find to be a delightful show. Finally, his wikipedia page doesn’t have a “crimes committed” section. He’s aces in my book.